Dr. Yoshimi’s Health Consultation

With the cooperation of Dr. Yoshimi Bharath, we hold the online health consultation once a month (Thursday). Now Consultation for Covid-19 is also available on every Thursday.  Kindly install WhatsApp beforehand.

Covid-19 Consultation (WhatsApp message only)
  1. Date: 30th Sep 2021  (Thu) 
  2. Prosedure
    ①Apply from Google Form (From 5 .Apply)
    ②Managemant office inform contact no. by email.
    ③You can send details of consultation by WhatsApp message.
    ④Dr. Yoshimi reply by message or call within 1 week.
        ※But sometime it may take more than 1 week to reply.
  3. Qualification:JCKL member Only, Up to 7 persons a day. 
    ※If there are more than 7 applications, your appointment date may be postponed to next Thursday onwards.
  4. Fee:FREE
  5. Apply : Here  

Health Consultation (WhatsApp voice call or video call)
  1. Date: 21st Oct 2021 (Thu)  1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    * Please note that you cannot choose the time.
  2. Prosedure
    ①Apply from Google Form (From 5 .Apply)
        ※Select  Consultation Time  1)15 mins 2)30 mins 3)1 hour
    ②Managemant office inform appointment time by email.
    ③Dr. Yoshimi will contact you by WhatsApp voice call or video call
  3. Qualification:JCKL member Only, Up to 3 hours for total consultation time.
    ※If total booking time exceed 3 hours, your appointment may be postponed to next month.
  4. Fee:FREE
  5. Apply : Here 
About Dr. Yoshimi

A Japanese doctor grew up in Brazil. Graduated from Federal University of Sao Paulo  in 1988. Researched at Tohoku University from 1991 to 1992. Obtained a doctor's license in Malaysia in 2003. Worked at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital until 2011, and from 2012 at a private clinic as a family doctor. Currently working at Mahameru International Medical Center.

  • Consultation only (medical examination and prescription of medicine are not available)
  • It may not be possible to connect subject to the Wifi condition.
  • Phone no. is only for this consultation.