How To Join

How To Join

Membership Application

  • Procedure

    ①Fill out the Membership Application Form and an Emergency contact form
    ②Submit them to the JCKL office together with the admission fee, membership fee, deposit, photo, and IC copy.

    • Deposit
      Applicant is required to pay an interest free deposit, which will be refunded after notice of termination of membership has been submitted (two weeks advance notice required).
    • Introducer:
      Only Individual Member (Principal) who has been member of the Club for six (6) months and above, is eligible to become Introducer. Introducer must not have any records of breaching club rules.

      Application Form:

  1. Member's Benefit
    Please check Member's Benefit page.
  2. Membership Card

    Membership Card

    You need to show your membership card to enter JCKL.
    Membership holders are required to:.

    1. If you are requested to present your membership card by JCKL, you must present your membership card.       
      Unable to do so, you shall be considered as non-member.
    2. Do not lend it to others including family members.
    3. Please return the card when you resign.
    4. In case of loss or theft, please report to the JCKL office immediately.
  3. Event Calender

    Please check Event Calender

Membership Type

INDIVIDUAL JAPANESE nationals with a minimum 20 years of age.
ASSOCIATE NON-JAPANESE nationals with a minimum 20 years of age.
VISITING For Japanese applicants only, whose entry as social visit has been granted by Malaysian Immigration Authority.
STUDENT Any nationality aged above 17 but below 25 years old  with a student status in any educational institution in Malaysia, except JSKL.


  1. For students under 18 years old who is applying for student membership. Approval from  your school and a written consent letter from your parents or guardian are required.
  2. Family members, excluding student members, defined as the parents, spouses, parents of spouses and children under the age of 20 of individual members, associate members, visiting members. Family members are limited to those living together.
  3. If you leave Malaysia for more than 3 months after joining (Up to 24 months), you can apply as an "absent member". Please refer to the rules [Section 4 (g)] for the application conditions of the absent members.


Membership Fee (RM)

Admission Fee:Free
Monthly Fee : Single : Free
Family : 31.80
Admission Fee:212.00
Monthly Fee : 
Single: 74.20
Family : 106.00
  • Admission Fee:106.00

Admission Fee:106.00
Monthly Fee : 37.10

 ※For Admission Fee and Monthly Subscription Fee includes SST 6%.

Payment Method

Monthly membership fees are charged in the current month. JCKL or AEON Credit Service will send a bill to each member every month, so please make sure to pay it within the designated date.
From February 2023, invoices from JCKL will be sent via email.

  1. Automated Payments with AEON Credit Card (No initial or monthly fees)
  2. Payment will be made in cash at JCKL office
  3. Online Transfer  Kindly email a payment slip with name and membership no. to 
    • Bank Name :     MUFG Bank (Malaysia) Berhad
    • Account Name:       The Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur
    • Account Number:  100323
Payments with AEON Credit Card

Membership Card

If you apply the JCKL AEON credit card, monthly membership fees can be billed automatically.
The application form for the credit card is on the shelf next to JCKL counter.
After filling out the form, please submit it into the AEON credit box at the lobby with the necessary documents.

Once you have received your credit card, please release "safety lock ".
*In doing so,  The monthly fee will be automatically charged in the current month or the following month. If you would like to use other payment method (Cash, Cheque, Online Transfer etc.), please resubmit the application form.

AEON Credit Service TEL :03-2719-9999