Cooking Class

Cooking classes are held about three times a year in the cooking room. It is so popular that it is always full as soon as the reception starts. You can get local ingredients cheaply, so why don't you learn local cuisine? 

Chiharu Sensei's Cooking Course Part 26, Malaysia Edition
Let's make delicious "Soup Panmee"!

We are going to try the local B-class gourmet noodle "Soup Panmee" that is very popular among Japanese. It looks similar to kishimen in Nagoya, and it is called "Sliced noodles" in Chinese characters because it is eaten by stretching the dough of flour flat. You can enjoy chewy and smooth texture of handmade noodles.

Date: (1) Wednesday, 5th February (2) Wednesday, 12th February (3) Wednesday, 26th February
Time: 10: 00 ~ 12: 30 hrs

Currently, we only accept those in the waiting list for all classes.

Application starts from: Wednesday, 21st Januaryat 10:00 at JCKL office.
For Email,  starts from Thursday, 23th January at 9:30.

*We accept applications on a first-come-first-served basis from the first day of application.
*You can apply by proxy for 2 people at the counter or by e-mail. We accept up to 3 people including the person himself.
*You cannot apply by telephone or fax.
*We will contact you when you apply by e-mail if the number of people at the counter reaches the limit by the time we start accepting e-mail.

For details, please ask Ms. Okumoto JCKL office.
Click Here for an application form

Venue Cooking Room
Fee RM63.60 (RM60+6% SST) material cost included
Please pay together with the application form at least one week before the date of the event.
Please note that we cannot refund you if you cancel after payment.
Teacher Chiharu Sensei
Wife of Malaysian Indian. I am a batik lecturer, but my hobby is cooking, and I am writing a series of articles about local ingredients in a Japanese-American magazine.
Qualification Members and their family members (15 years old and above)
We use a gas stove, so please refrain from bringing children.
Capacity 15 people
We will close as soon as we reach the capacity.
Please note that classes with less than 10 students will not be held.
What to bring Apron, disposable gloves, hand towel, dishcloth (1 ~ 2 leaves),
Several containers (For those who want to take it home.)


Ms. Okumoto 
Tel: 03-2274 2274